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Tuesday 4th May 2021
0900 - 1055Wounds Australia National Conference Opening

Hayley Ryan, Chief of Nursing and Midwifery officer - Alison McMillian
Plenary 1 Emerging Evidence & Innovation

Chairperson: Peta Tehan
How can science advance clinical practice?

Speaker: Amit Gefen
Evidence emerging from the bench

Speaker: Leila Cuttle
Emerging innovations that will change wound care

Speaker: Brian Lepow
1100-1200Presented Papers
Concurrent Session 1 Concurrent Session 2Concurrent Session 3 Concurrent Session 4Concurrent Session 5
Moderator: Cindy Williams Moderator: Geoff SussmanModerator: Sue Templeton Moderator: Christina ParkerModerator: Judith Barker
Theme: Case Studies Theme: Case Studies Theme: Pressure Injury Theme: Lower Limb Wounds Theme: High Risk Foot
Healing the unhealable: developing high level wound care knowledge and skills in aged care

Lynn Ann Rogers
Hard to heal wounds and the role of MMP-inhibiting dressings

Margie Moncrieff
Meta-review of cochrane review recommendations for pressure injury prevention and treatment

Rachel Walker
The impact of venous leg ulcers on wellbeing and quality of life

Cate Maguire
Infrared dermal thermometry is highly reliable in the assessment of patients with charcot neuroarthropathy

Nick Puli
Healing beyond expectation: A case study using a trial dressing

Terry Swanson
Hope and healing - a trial of healing in bilateral limb calciphylaxis

Kate Weger
Prevalence and predictors of pressure injuries among older hospitalised adult patients: An Australian multi-site study

Sharon Latimer
The burden of lower extremity ulcers in the community

Margaret Edmondson
A qualitative investigation of adherence to removable offloading devices among patients with diabetic foot ulcers

Anas Ababneh
Empowering the workforce through digital technology

Michelle Gibb
Use of a wireless sub-bandage pressure monitor to improve application of compression bandages.

Gabrielle Mcmullin

Management of venous leg ulcers using two-layered compression bandage and a polyacrylate fiber dressing

Johnson Boey
Anti-inflammatory properties of high-density lipoproteins in diabetic wound healing

Zahra Lotfollahi
1200 -1230Virtual Exhibition Networking
1230 -1400Lunch Sponsor Symposium

Now with one proven solution - From proven prevention to effective treatment

Dr. Michelle Barakat Johnson (PhD, MN, RN)

Hayley Ryan
1400 -1500Presented Papers
Concurrent Session 7Concurrent Session 8Concurrent Session 9Concurrent Session 10
Moderator: Kerry MayModerator: Hayley RyanModerator: Nicole FlanneryModerator: Lyn Thomas
Theme: Case Studies Theme: Pressure Injury Theme: Chronic Wound Infection Theme: Wound in acute care
The management of buruli ulcers

Geoff Sussman
Nurses’ knowledge and attitudes towards pressure injuries: a cross sectional survey

Emine Tetik
Low-frequency contact ultrasonic debridement and polyhexamethylene biguanide on chronic wounds: a randomised control trial

Alison Vallejo
A comparative study of surgical wound care practices across two acute care settings

Rachel Walker
From 'inevitable' to 'unacceptable': A 5 year journey in pressure injury prevention

Bernadette Mcnally
Kennedy terminal ulcers: A review of current evidence

Tracey Hunt
Validation of predictive factors for infection in adults with chronic leg ulcers

Ut Bui
Surgical Site infection Prevention: A quality improvement project in vascular surgery.

Rebecca Aburn
When you are told you have a non-healing goal; urgo comes along!

Chloe Jansz
Australian perspective of diabetic foot ulcer burden: insights from key opinion leaders and the literature

Nicoletta Frescos
Photobiomodulating effects of blue light 405nm to 470nm on pathogenic microbes and biofilms

Tina Czech
Implementing “Caesarean Infection Prevention” bundle at a rural hospital: Insights beyond measures and numbers

Gihani Senadeera
1515 -1615Afternoon Sponsor Symposium

Transforming exudate management – A paradigm shift

Dr Caroline Dowsett

Ms Maibritt Bansholm Andersen

Management of patients with complex wounds – after application of a synthetic dermal matrix

Frank Guerriero

BTM in Burns- The Nursing Experience

Hana Menezes

Pioneering a state-wide digital platform to reduce diabetes-related foot complications, including amputations.

Dr Olufemi Oshin

Dr Lorraine Anderson

The four pillars of healthy skin promotion that drive positive outcomes

Ms Kate Weger
Industry networking functions
Wednesday 5th May 2021
0900 - 1110Plenary 2: Evidence: Paradigms, Guidelines, & Controversies

Chairperson: Hayley Ryan
Paradigm shifts in wound management

Speaker: Michael Woodward
International Clinical Practice Guideline for the Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Ulcers/Injuries

Speaker: Keryln Carville
Atypical Wounds: Best Clinical Practices and Challenges

Speaker: Judith Barker
Antimicrobial Stewardship and Wound Management

Speaker: Sarah Coghill
Wound Exudate: Effective Assessment & Management

Speaker: Zena Moore
How to implement evidence in your clinical practice

Speaker: Keryln Carville
Strategies to reduce practice variation in wound assessment and management: The T.I.M.E. Clinical Decision Support Tool

Speaker: Terry Swanson
Myth Busting - Debridment

Speaker: Dot Weir

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1130 -1230Presented Papers
Concurrent Individual Session 13Concurrent Individual Session 14Concurrent Individual Session 15Concurrent Individual Session 16
Moderator: Margaret EdmonsonModerator: Katy MelroseModerator: Suzanne KappModerator: Keryln Carville
Theme: Case Studies Theme: Wounds in residentaial careTheme: Wounds in the Community Theme: Chronic wound infection
Foreign Body Induced Lower Limb Circumferential Non-Healing Ulcer – First Reported Case Study

Yuk Ki Kwok
Exploring the prevalence and management of wounds for people with dementia in long-term care (LTC)

Christina Parker

Healing community wounds: Times and costs to discharge

Alison Laycock
Analgesic efficacy, safety and tolerability of VPX638 (sevoflurane) administered topically to patients with painful wounds

Michael Woodward
Use of negative pressure therapy instillation, dwell time open cell foam dressing in vascular patients.

Rebecca Aburn
Food first strategies incorporating a commercial wound supplement to support intake and overcome taste fatigue

Karen Abbey

What matters in complex wounds: The experience of patients accessing wound services

Susan Monaro
Managing the challenges of chronic wound inflammation

Sue Templeton
Use of gentian violet and methylene blue impregnated foam in chronic leg ulcers

Lisa Ellis
A pilot skin and wound care programme in two residential aged care facilities

Mandy Pagan

Barriers and enablers of implementing the T.I.M.E. framework when assessing and managing chronic wounds.

Gabrielle Munro
1245 -1345Virtual exhibition networking
1345 -1515Lunch Sponsor Symposium

Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD): Latest best practice in prevention & management

Dimitri Beeckman

Enhancing pressure injury prevention – top tips for implementing the SSKIN bundle into practice

Zena Moore

Wounds in Aged Care: Time to Get Some Skin In The Game

A deep dive into Aged Care in Australia featuring Dr. Michelle Gibb, Prof. Geoff Sussman, and Dr. Mark Hohenberg. The symposium will cover the challenges of caring for wounds in aged care, the recommendations from the aged care reform, and a lively panel discussion moderated by Dr. Frances Henshaw.

Moderator: Dr. Frances Henshaw

Dr. Michelle Gibb

Prof. Geoff Sussman

Dr. Mark Hohenberg
1515 -1600Virtual exhibition networking
1600 -1700Afternoon Sponsor Symposium
Beating Surgical Wounds: A Call to Action

Kylie Sandy Hodgetts

Philip Russo

Doreen McKeever

INNOVATION IN DIABETIC FOOT CARE: How Can Research & Development Improve Clinical Outcomes?

Emilio Galea
Serge Bohbot

Michael Edmonds

Marco Meloni

Michael Woodward
1700 - 1800Wounds Australia "Behind the Scene" Concurrent Session
Aged Care in Australia: Considerations for professionals caring for the older person

Ageing in Australia: Wounds and their impact
Speaker: Keryln Carville

The wounded ageing
Speaker: Katy Melrose

Royal Commission
Speaker: Hayley Ryan

Wounds Australia

Wounds Australia initiatives/advocacy and future of Wounds Australia
Speaker: Blake Wilson

Wounds Australia Credentialing
Speaker: Geoff Sussman

Wounds Australia Scholarships, Grants and Awards Presentation
Speakers: Blake Wilson, Hayley Ryan
Wounds Australia Research

Overview 2018 – 2020
Speaker: Peta Tehan

Collaborating with consumer in wound care research: aiming for active partnerships
Speaker: Jill Campbell

How to write and publish a research paper
Speaker: Allison Cowin

Research grant progress - Factors influence chronicity in diabetic foot ulceration
Speaker: Peta Tehan

Award Ceremony for 2020 Research Grants
Speakers: Christina Parker, Stephen Tucker and Holly Clegg
Thursday 6th May 2021
0800 - 0900Innovation in Wounds Showcase and Interactive Panel Discussion

Our Promise – You Are The Change

A session on ConvaTec’s promise to wound care professionals in acute and aged settings. Brian Byrne addresses the concept that change starts with each of us as the carers and children of ageing Australians. Brian Byrne will walk through ConvaTec’s promise to connect professionals in Aged Care with resources they need to see change in our ageing population’s health and quality of life. Followed by a panel discussion.

Speaker: Mr Brian Byrne

The Impact of Antimicrobial resistance on topical wound treatment selection.

Infection can negatively impact wound-healing, the quality of life and result in increased healthcare costs. When managing infected wounds and wounds at risk of infection, attention needs to be given to the potential of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) development.

Speaker: Gilles Brackman
0900 - 1000Plenary 3: Holistic Practice

Chairperson: Pam Morey
I am me first, then I am a person with a wound - reigniting the importance of person centred care

Speaker: Zena Moore
Wellness in people with wounds

Speaker: Penney Upton
Power to the people - self-management of wounds

Speaker: Suzanne Kapp
1000 - 1030Virtual exhibition networking
1030 - 1230Plenary 4: Effective Change Agent

Chairperson: Bill McGuiness
How the crowd can make change in wound care

Speaker: Zena Moore
Affecting organisational change across clinical settings

Speaker: Dot Weir

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Change the conversation (and the dressing): Using Motivational Interviewing to Support Behaviour Change

Speaker: Cathy Boyle
Personal and professional perspectives of wound healing from a seaweed scientist

Speaker: Pia Weinberg
1530 -1645Plenary 5: Emerging Innovations

Chairperson: Michael Woodward
How do you take the seed of an idea and grow it; examples from practice

Speaker: Brian Lepow
Adding negative pressure to improve healing (dressing) trial: a pragmatic, randomised controlled trial

Speaker: Brigid Gillespie
Review of excision wounds treated with an innovative dressing

Speaker: Rosemary Craig
Moon Boot meets APOLLO. A perfect marriage for off loading. Now made in Australia

Speaker: Allan Donnelly
1645 - 1700Closing ceremony

Chair: Blake Wilson